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New Apple iPad 5 will be much thinner and lighter. Look -

Tomorrow we begin the month of October and this is another important part of the year for all fans of apple products. On the light of the world is preparing the next generation of popular iPad. Today we can see how much would change in the expected fifth-generation iPad.

class=”hmedia”>  Apple iPad 5

As expected, the design of the new iPad does not change dramatically. Certainly positive news, however, is that the large iPad Apple decided to reduce dimensions. For example, the width is 239.2 mm compared to 241.2 millimeters for the iPad 4th Similarly, the height decreased from 185.7 mm to 169.5 mm. The thickness slimming treatments also participate and will be only 7.2 mm. Current ipad 4 is 9.4 mm.

Apple iPad 5 Apple iPad 5  Apple iPad 5  Apple iPad 5 Apple iPad 5 Apple iPad 5Design

great iPad, according to leaked images closer to the iPad mini. That I should wait for a successor. In his case, however, assumes that the design and dimensions remain the same as the current first generation. Other attractions on the leaked photos is sometimes strange Apple logo. Foreign speculation about possible talks deliberate blurring. The equipment of the two new tablets are being knows nothing new. Soon, however, everything we know, because the show will very soon.


Video MSRP for the new tablet ipad 5 - Technology News

ipad 5


Space Grey version of the next generation iPad and iPad mini parts photo exposure - Sina


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29 morning news, this week, more than “Space Grey” version of the next generation iPad and iPad mini components photos were exposed.

the past few months, the new iPhone and iPad components have not been exposed photograph surprising. The photos from the components traders SW-Box. Since the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c before the release of SW-Box also released photos of its parts, so this is a reliable source.

in the release of the photographs, Apple only half the company’s logo, and some details were vague and hidden, which may product serial number in order to cover up to avoid parts of the original source of exposure.

photos show, the fifth-generation iPad high 239.2 mm wide and 169.5 mm, compared to the fourth generation iPad more “slim.” The second generation iPad mini’s size is consistent with the first generation. It is said that Apple’s conference held in October, released the new iPad. (Viking)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

VIDEO: "This is a new iPhone 5s," people said. But give them a mini iPad -

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Ji? Once he joke with iPhone success, when? for? estou published the previous generation model 4S. Jimmy Kimmel after joke reins? Il. Nothing net? Tal pedestrians get their hands on The black iPad mini with words? E is a new iPhone 5s. New is compared to predecessor said men? Teenagers, and more Lehem SVI? Teenagers.

Not? everyone with a mobile? Viewers watch market news. That can be more easily then their ignorance Mobilisation? Live to entertain others. American presenter Jimmy Kimmel started his talk show to the streets of Los Angeles to the audience brought a reaction spoluobèanù them? was a first enable? Niño try out? et new mobile phone from Apple.

When referenced a joke in the context of fingerprint reader in the navigation push button forgiven comment about government security agencies NSA. In July this year, Toti? America otøásla case concerning covert operations Prism. During the NSA collecting? Ïovala private data from around the world (with more colleagues on

Before unveiling the pointy moderator? Those mentioned? her e news? not available in classic black color. New dark shade of gray space is called, in translation, free space? EI. Nothing net? Tal persons mo? SOCIETY try out? Measurement of hot news obviously enough zaskoèila,? Can not even e nev? Imli,? E dr? Teenagers iPad mini. Moreover, in black color.

admire not only the big screen after him?? pøíznivcù Series phones from Apple’s long-term calls, but the overall dimensions, weight enjoyable, fast response EI system a significant shift forward, what rod thickness?? area of ??the device.

Kimmel moved joke is? Those a bit further, when? one of his colleagues addressed Amerièanek narrated? email after pressing Home button and then lick the screen feels chu? èokolády. Needed for such a display obviously liked it enough? E licked it repeatedly.

Jokes at the expense of the new iPhone

Shortly after

Introduction to the new iPhone has started to emerge first jokes in them? people tease not only their colors. Unnoticed or fingerprint reader will integrated into the Home button.

Nokia did not disappoint either, it? British poboèka on their twittering of bills to thank Apple, with? e imitation is the best? teenagers compliment.

Video: A comparison between the two iPad 5 and iPad 4 and mini exterior - Dawn

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Smart watches, wish to learn iPad change the way the world - Beats of Bits


Smart Watch is a hot topic nowadays, but these devices are still not massive popularity, how long the industry’s pre-dawn darkness and there is no uniform view.

smart watches from the market positioning point of view, can be divided into two categories: one only need to connect the phone to play a central function, and those who are not dependent on mobile phones, which itself can be seen as a compact smartphone. A.I Watch it belongs to the latter.

AI Watch is a equipped with a SIM card slot smart watches, in case of need to connect the phone to make and receive calls, supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM bands, and supports 3G. Here is the introduction of this device video:

AI Watch has aluminum casing, providing a variety of colors strap options. From the appearance of a single hardware speaking, very reminiscent of iPod nano 6. Unlike most of the smart watch market, AI Watch although the use of Android 4.0.4 system, but the main interface designed into the Metro style. A.I Watch configuration and main functions are as follows:

  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor (specific model unknown)
  • 512MB RAM, 4GB storage
  • 1.54 ?? 240 x 240 touch screen
  • 500 megapixel camera
  • 500mAh battery
  • can be connected to “any Bluetooth device”
  • voice control, voice, real-time translation
  • have the notification bar, can be voice announcements
  • GPS, exercise and health applications
  • detect heart rate
  • to open map navigation, loads streaming video, access social networks, and download from Google Play app

current AI Watch developer launched on the Indiegogo funding, funding for the $ 100,000 goal. AI Watch the price set at $ 279, close to the Samsung Galaxy Gear 299 dollar price.

Prior to this, there are also some watch manufacturers will be made independently of the smart phone devices, such as Androidly and inWatch.

Androidly few by the Indian and British guy building, essentially a smart phone running Android 2.2, can be inserted into the SIM card and receive calls.



inWatch reflected by the China’s interest in technology is introduced, without attachment can make and receive phone calls, send and receive SMS.



Why do we have copied cell phone?

smart watches two different positioning to some extent reflects the manufacturers of confusion, in other words, there is not a definite shape to lead the trend of smart watches, recognized by the market. Smart watches available in the market are basically the phone “handicap” replica. Mobile phone manufacturers are trying to migrate to watch most of the features.

However, the “small” battery and small size of the screen determines the smart watches birth defects, but also determine its specific application scenario is different from the phone. Rote result is bloated and experience to make a poor product.

same as the iPad change the world

iPad does not completely replace the PC, but let some of the features on the PC has become more relaxed, comfortable, easy to use, such as the Internet, watching videos, casual games. In other words, iPad just replace a part of the PC, coupled with its own light, etc., they had their own market position and customer value.

smart watches the same as the iPad may also wish to change the world – replace the phone part, this part of the functional interpretation of a more clever, natural, smooth.

be substituted instead of the phone, SMS

at least the short term is not. The current smart watches are not effective then hit a comfortable calls, send and receive SMS.

smart watch phone is replaced should be “living under the former with a variety of cable services in the butt.”

In my opinion, smart watches the ideal scenario is currently equipped with an NFC chip (Bluetooth or otherwise) to get transit subway card, cycling lease, hotel occupancy, room cards, membership cards, payment and other living services, hand a close to the terminal to complete the exchange of data, without the need for cell phone from his pocket. (Involving complex operations can be set on the computer, the data is synchronized in real time to watch)

way, smart watches do not depend entirely on the success of the watch itself. Watch manufacturers need to talk “monopoly resources” below the line agencies to build infrastructure.

topic map from viva

Boeing introduced its own iPad application that makes life easier for crews and technicians -

apple-plane After more than a year of intensive development which contributed to a number of airlines, Boeing announced the release of a new application for the iPad, which is focused on aircraft maintenance. Boeing hopes that the application will help facilitate aircraft maintenance crew and quickly find solutions to problems so that the aircraft could return as soon as possible to use. U really giant Boeing 747 and is less than 8 hours during which the aircraft is in the air, but technicians repair it mean for the company huge financial losses. Necessary inspections and inspectors in the past often put off as long as possible so that planes can fly nonstop.


maybe not everyone is suspect because that aircraft often flying for weeks without any pause, and the only break for them landing and waiting for new passengers, during which performs routine maintenance and inspection. It is a new application for the iPad should facilitate control and crew, as well as technicians should prove faster to solve everything that is needed to make the aircraft could again into the air.

Given that the new program will offer a complete service manuals, service procedures and everything you need technicians and crew, including the flight log, Alaska Airlines technicians believe that the iPad will save 4,000 pieces of paper in a single day. If you use iPad or iPhone in the air are interested in closer, read our interview with professional pilot on how to use Apple products in aviation.


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